Your prescription is generally valid for a year. In some cases it may be valid for 2-3 years also.

We value your rights to get right medications. We ensure accountability towards the genuineness and authenticity of medicines we sell you.

Yes, we do sell contact drugs authorized by law of Nepal and Ministry of Health.

We would like to apologize for that, please do contact us within 24 hours from delivery so that we can resolve your issues.

No, you can upload as many prescriptions as you want.

According to the trademark laws, generic pill is not allowed to look exactly like its brand-name version. So the pills (generic version) you received normally will look different from their branded counterparts, even though both contain the same active ingredient(s) and work in the same way exactly.

Generic Drugs, also known as Generics or Generic Medications, are drugs that are marketed without brand names and are considered identical as their brand-name counterparts in all respects such as strength, dose, active ingredients, intended use, route of administration, efficacy, bioavailability and safety. Yes, all of our generic drugs are procured from the world-renowned manufacturers and thus our generic products meet rigorous specifications and are strictly regulated for safety, quality and potency. By law, generic drugs must be bio-equivalent to brand-drug counterparts.

We are sorry the say that, it cannot be modified once your order is confirmed,. Please place a fresh order with any modifications.

We are sorry to say no; once a prescription or non-prescription medicine has been delivered to you it cannot be returned. So, we suggest you to consult to your physician regarding your medications and dosages before you place your order to us.

We ensure our best that the products you order and the products you get delivered has every specifications matched. However, if some errors occur, you can request for return within a week of delivery and no later than that.

We work our best to satisfy you with our products; however, sometimes some faults may occur, the refund is applicable in such cases. Some of those cases are listed below: In case if the product has some defect or damage. In case if the product is beyond its expiry date. In case if the product gets damaged during/in the process of delivery.

Swasthya does not own any labs. We have partnered with renowned and accredited labs in your locality. All our partner labs are certified.

Click 'Diagnostics Test' on the home screen. Upload your prescription image & If you don't have a prescription you can directly select the test/s from the wide range of tests in the App. Select your preferred lab. Add/ Select patient and address. Choose a time and date slot, as per your convenience. We will call to confirm your appointment, as per your selections. The home visit service is 'ABSOLUTELY FREE' for all Swasthya customers. All you pay is for the test/s. The Phlebotomist will visit you to collect your sample and carry it to the lab. They carry the samples in ice bags to ensure that the samples are in ideal controlled conditions, in accordance with the laid standards, when submitted to the labs.

Swasthya allows you to get the test done even when you don’t have a prescription. You can directly select your desired test from the wide lists of options available in the App. However, for your convenience, if you have an image of the prescription you can upload it on to the App and we'll call you to confirm the test/s mentioned in that prescription.

We apologise for this inconvenience. Click below to reach out to us and we will try to resolve this immediately.

We support the following payment options: 1. Mobile Banking 2. Digital Wallets ( E-sewa, Khalti) 3. Cash on Delivery (COD) Note: You cannot pay the cost by swiping the card at the time of delivery. You will be able to see the supported options in the Select Payment Option page when placing an order as well. You can select the option, as per your preference, to complete the payment once the invoice for your medicine has been generated.

Your order will be delivered within the 'Estimated Delivery Date' as committed at the time of order placement. You can check this by selecting your order from "My orders" section. Keep a look-out for our order delivery updates.

Recently, we provide healthcare services inside the Kathmandu valley only. But our aim to expand our to other cities also like Pokhara, Chitwan, Dharan and so on.

After you select your complete order then you can see normal deliver and emergency deliver. You can click the emergency deliver option after all the medicine will be delivered in your door within 1-2 hrs or even faster depending upon your location.

Sorry, once the order is placed, we are unable to modify the address.

We are sorry you had to experience this. We request you to reach out to us within 48 hours of the order delivery being reported so that we can investigate the matter.

We generally deliver orders within 1 working day.

No, Swasthya is an online healthcare and medicine delivery platform. We connect you to your local pharmacy or registered medicine vendor for the services you have opted for.

Please check your network connection. It takes at least 1-2 minutes to receive an SMS. If you still haven’t received the same, please try the ‘Miss call to login’ option.

A valid prescription has the following information: 1) Doctor’s details 2) Patient’s details 3) Medicine details

Yes, you have to make a account and log in to Swasthya to help us place your orders to you.

Please connect with us over a chat or call us with your request. Our representatives will be happy to help you with the required information.

No, the medicines will be provided as per the dosage mentioned in the prescription. Self-prescribed medicines will not be provided.

Sorry for the experience. Reach out to us and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

As per the guidelines of legal and regulatory authorities of Government of Nepal and the company, we do not sell products with the 'not for sale' tag through our app & website.

Yes, delivery charges will be applied based on the value of items purchased. Please add the items that you require to the cart to see what the delivery charges will be for your order.

Yes, you may buy other substitutes only if your prescription lists the salt names instead of a specific brand name.